Rio de Janeiro Events

Rio de Janeiro Events

One of the reasons was started was because we saw a need that if you aren’t a local, it’s incredibly hard to get access to special events in Rio de Janeiro. You can show up at the event and try to get tickets, but the hottest events sell out quickly and if you try to purchase re-sold tickets, you may be paying 3 to 4 times the original cost plus may run into the chance the tickets aren’t even legit. Another option is trying to find the event online, but most sites offering Rio de Janeiro events are completely in Portuguese and if you do manage to figure out how to book an event, most do not accept International credit cards.

We select the best events that are geared towards locals, but are also tourist friendly. What better way to experience Rio de Janeiro than to meet local Cariocas! The events are chosen based on location, crowd level, & music.

Check out the upcoming Rio events that we are offering below.

Upcoming Rio de Janeiro Events:

How It Works

Once you have selected and booked the Rio de Janeiro Event of your choice, a staff member will send you an email confirming your booking and next steps. Most of the special events that we work with are ticket based, so you would need to pick up the tickets at our office in Copacabana or if the tickets are electronic, we will email them to you after purchase. If for some reason you can’t pick up the tickets, we will deliver them to your hotel or apartment for a small fee.