Rio de Janeiro Nightclubs

Rio de Janeiro Nightclubs

Even though you will NOT find the mega, ultra VIP nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro as you’ll find in Vegas, New York or Miami, the party atmosphere is just as good or even better! The nightclub scene in Rio de Janeiro is more laid back and the nightclubs you’ll find are small to medium in size (300 to 800 capacity). They range from intimate lounges to outdoor venues. Like anywhere else in the world, the clubs will have different types of music and promotions throughout the week. For the more upscale venues, House & Brazilian music is what’s played on the weekends, but you will also find clubs that play Hip Hop, Rock & Popular Brazilian Music (Samba, Sertanejo, Pagode, Funk, etc.) as well as live music. We highly recommend booking our Rio de Janeiro Nighclub Service!

Why Book Rio Nightclub Service with Us?

  1. The Rio de Janeiro nightlife changes all the time. One night a club can be packed and the next night, the same club can be empty. The music at each club also changes from night to night. With Rio All Access, we know what’s going on each night and we can customize to take you to the best place based on your preferences.
  2. Apart from it being difficult to find the best Rio Nightclub for your preferences, when you do find it, you can wait up to an hour or two to get in or not get in at all. Most doormen do not speak English so it may be difficult to get in if the club is packed. They may also notice that you aren’t a local and charge you higher prices. With Rio All Access, you do not have to wait in line and we will provide you with discounted prices to the best VIP Areas.
  3. Like any other big city, safety is a huge priority especially if you are not from there. Each night, we will provide you with a Bi-lingual guide that picks you up and drops you off at your hotel.

Rio Nightclub Services:

If you are looking for a No-Hassle Experience in Rio, we highly recommend booking our Rio de Janeiro Night Club Services. We offer a standard Nightlife Service that you can book per night as well as a Weekly VIP Concierge Option.

Rio de Janeiro Nightclubs:

Rio All Access partners up with Rio de Janeiro’s best clubs and promoters. The Rio clubs below are only a few that we work with. Our goal is to take you to the best option for your nights so we will also recommend alternatives if the club night you pick is better at a different venue.